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WEREWOLVES ATE MY PLATOON! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dog Soldiers Fans

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Help a grad student out with her research! [Feb. 8th, 2008|09:05 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans

Hi Dog Soldiers fans!

My name is Elizabeth Clark, and I’m writing my master’s thesis on female werewolves in recent movies and television shows. I’m looking for folks to take part in a discussion about these characters. The discussion boards are on my livejournal page: http://girl-werewolves.livejournal.com. Come visit and let me hear from you!

(Aged 18 and older only, please.)

Thank you in advance!

Questions? Email me at girl.werewolves.onscreen [at] gmail.com.


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Happy Halloween! [Oct. 31st, 2007|03:02 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans

[mood |full]

In honor of Halloween, I've made a picspam/recap of Dog Soldiers, and thought folks here might enjoy.

The pics are under a fake cut to my journal.

I'm assuming everyone here knows the film already, but there are spoilers, as well as gore, and the post is image heavy. Feel free to grab caps for your own purposes, just please don't hotlink.

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Fanart [Oct. 21st, 2007|03:14 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans


I just realized this is my first Dog Soldiers fanart, even though I've been a fan of the movie for five years.

Anyway, it's dinner time at the Uaths'.

Dead babies and bloodCollapse )

X-posted to horror_movies
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a hello and some icons~ [Oct. 2nd, 2006|02:54 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans

[mood |weird]

Well hello all :D glad to see theres an LJ com for this movie! It's my fav movie -ever- and the best werewolf movie out there [at leats I think so] it's a shame vampires get the spotlight when it comes to horror movies since werewolves > vampires anyway.

I loved the movie for so many reasons, the actors were kickass and fit their roles really well. When I heard of a 2nd movie I had mixed feelings due to it having.. americans... no offence or anything but I would have liked the movie to have staid the same as the first... UK based as americans have like....every other movie out their....

so I still feel a bit 'blah' about that but I shall go see the next one when they bring it out. I just hope they do it justice.

My partner doesn't like DS due to it's lack of CGI but if you ask me its one of the things that makes the movie so good. It doesn't NEED to be drowned in CGI or any of that stuff.

Anyway I've rambled.. heres some icons. I did them ages ago and while bored and yes, I know alot look very same-same =P


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Sample: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I would like my miniature Sarge now please. [Sep. 3rd, 2006|03:01 am]
Dog Soldiers Fans

[mood |excited]

I can officially say that I no longer mind them making a second movie. Why, you ask? Because we get action figures.

I'm so geekily excited.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Until today I didn't know it was possible for characters to make cameos in toys. *pokes the severed arm* I have my fingers crossed that they'll release all the boys, whole or with most of their parts intact this time.
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Deleted scenes? [Jun. 23rd, 2006|02:58 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans

[mood |thoughtful]

For those of you with the UK version: What happens in the deleted scenes? I plan to get the UK version when I have the money (and if it will even work with my DVD player), but that may not be for a while and I'm getting very curious. Supposedly some are hilarious, and I'm also wondering if we learn Spoon's first name.

And also, does anyone know of a decent fansite? All I'm finding are one-page movie reviews (which is how I found the movie in the first place, so I'm not complaining).
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50horroricons [Apr. 27th, 2006|08:03 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Silent Hill Movie Theme]


We're just opened up, looking for talented iconmakers to compete in challenges. I'd love to see more Dog-Soldiers icons out there! Or if you're up for a different sort of challenge then go ahead and pick something! :)

We're also (hopeful face) looking for affiliates? :03
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bloodspattered quote icons [Apr. 25th, 2006|11:20 pm]
Dog Soldiers Fans
[Tags|, ]

Eight quotes, two versions each (black on red, red on black). If you have any other quotes you'd like iconed in this style, drop a comment here and I'll include them in the next batch. Please comment if you snag any.


all sixteen bloodspattered icons behind the cutCollapse )

Blood spatter derived from brushes provided by iconistas
#01-08 originally posted in my journal [link]
#09-16 are from the first round of requests and are crossposted to my journal [link]
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